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Spares Scaling & Ranging

The Spares Scaling and Ranging (SpareCost) module of ITEM ToolKit calculates spares required for equipment supported at sites and bases; enabling you to optimize the scale of spares at sites for minimum cost. It works to algorithms derived for the Ministry of Defence: Optcost and Repstock.

The SpareCost module generates spares holdings required at sites (first and second line repair by replacement), against a stock-out risk at the site. This scale of spares is optimized against cost of the spares held.

Base spares are required to meet replenishment demands from sites and to replace returned spares which are beyond economic repair. SpareCost calculates the most cost effective base spares holding.

The Spares Scaling module has an extensive reports facility that includes full information of spares holding by replacement item at both site and base, as well as the expected number of failures for each component over a defined period.


  • Powerful and user friendly spares scaling and ranging software
  • Uses Optcost and Repstock for spares scaling
  • Tree control for structured project breakdown
  • Identifies and calculates your stock out risk
  • Analyses at site and base (depot) level
  • Powerful charting and reporting facilities
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Spares Scaling and Ranging Software Screen Shot

 > Spares Scaling & Ranging Software

 > Uses Optcost and Repstock

 > One of thirteen ITEM ToolKit Modules

 > Extensive Reporting and Charting Facilities

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